How do you use your mobile on holiday? What are the most used apps ?

In everyday life , many of us never separate us from our smartphone, sort of appendix connected to our body! We use it to communicate, to share what we like to take a look at what our friends, to inform us, to guide us and many other things.

But what happens during the holidays ? tried to know the ins and outs of the relationship between European travelers and mobile with the investigation : ON / OFF: holidays with smartphones.

Some of the most interesting results :

The first conclusion is that 9 out of 10 travelers continue to use their smartphone while traveling, demonstrating a kind of dependence hyperconnection : Gone is the time when you really felt ” on another planet ” . Today we may be geographically distant but technology makes us all neighbors; Travel is an escape from everyday life, but not the network: 76% of respondents said that the presence of wifi influences their choice of accommodation .

The most used applications are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram . The French seem to be particularly fond of Twitter, the second social  application  most used  on the go after Facebook . The least popular musical applications (53% do not use them all) , and Spotify.

To communicate, WhatsApp is the most used application on vacation , especially by the Spaniards ( 80%); on the practical side , Google Maps is used by 64% of European holidaymakers , while the weather does not seem to be so important …

For all the results, take a look at the full study. Many others apps are very pratical and used by millions of internet user but why not make a new and your own one? Check out many more apps in your Iphone and Ipad, and also the way to build an App to make money on line here Make Money from Apps in easy steps

Django Unchained

Last week, the Waffle’s Movie Blog team all went out to experience Quentin Tarantino’s latest tour de force, Django Unchained. The entire team was blown away. I have been given the greatest honor of finally doing the full review. The overall perfection that is Django Unchained is the result of many perfectly executed parts of the whole, making it hard to spotlight individual aspects of this chef-d’oeuvre.

The use of aestheticized violence is a Quentin Tarantino trademark, and Django Unchained doesn’t hold the flood gates back. Blood coated the entire film. From its gentle tainting of previously untarnished cotton fields, to its messy yet stylish use as wall paint decorating an infamous plantation, the blood of men and beasts were key contributors to the aesthetic quality of Django Unchained. Three of our critics referred to Django Unchained as, “…probably the bloodiest movie I’ve ever seen.” In spite of its borderline-prohibitive use of blood, Django should not be immediately dismissed by the faint of heart or weak stomached audience. Most critics agree that, while Django was certainly extremely bloody, it was not excessively gory. Blood spattered, but scenes of gruesome dismemberment or the hanging out of entrails were few. Most of the gore in the movie was generated from gunshots, each bullet melodramatically bursting through each victim in an eruption of flesh and blood. Overall, Tarantino has honed his use of aesthetic violence to perfection, and exhibits his mastery well in Django Unchained.

Django Unchained
Though Quentin Tarantino is usually best known for his theatrical violence, a dynamic element of all Tarantino movies is persistent humor. Django Unchained is hilarious. From the very beginning of the film, humor played the key role of thinning the emotional impact of the violence and sensitive themes. Scenes are spiked with comedic relief to prevent the audience from being overwhelmed by the film’s extreme violence and dramatic pressures. However, Django Unchained is by no means a comedy. The comedy used in the film was vital to maintain a certain level of relief in between scenes of horrible displays of passion or cruelty. By lacing dramatics with effective humor, Quentin Tarantino draws a clear line between any blood and gore movie, and a beautiful and entertaining piece of art.

The racial component of Django Unchained is too significant to the film to go unmentioned in a full review. There are many sensitive racial aspects of Django Unchained. Obviously, the plot of the film is woven around American slavery in the late 1850’s. That alone is enough to make some people uneasy. Django, however, makes it even more difficult to gain universal acceptance with intimately brutal scenes involving the whipping of a slave woman, Django’s wife. Other scenes involve many black slaves working in cotton fields. Quentin discussed the effects the shooting of this movie had on him in an interview on National Public Radio’s Fresh Air. Quentin discussed the drastic difference between writing in a script “many black slaves working in the hot sun”, and actually having to dress up and film black actors pretending to be slaves. He said that the idea of having black Americans dress up as slaves was almost too uncomfortable for him shoot, so he planned to move the filming to South America in order to dilute the uneasiness around the history of American slavery. In the end he abandoned this plan and shot Django Unchained in the United States. Some of the more horrifying images in Django Unchained were hard to watch, but were necessary to generate and emotional response in the audience and attach them to the characters. Quentin Tarantino said that he learned that he could not be “afraid of his own movie,” an idea that has probably never been more true than with the production of Django Unchained.

Probably the most controversial aspect of Django Unchained is the incredibly frequent use of the “N-word”. The “N-word” is used over one hundred times, painting almost every morsel of dialogue with its bitter connotations. Audiences are divided in their acceptance of Django’s frequent use of the word. Spike Lee has decided to boycott Django Unchained because of its alleged disrespect towards the ancestry of all black people. And then there are others, like Samuel L, Jackson, an actor in the movie who played the head house slave. Samuel L. Jackson does not view the use of the word in Django Unchained like Spike Lee. During a Huston based radio interview, Jackson challenged his interviewer to say the “N-word”. The interviewer brought up the topic in the interview to which Jackson retorted that he would not discuss the topic unless the interviewer (who was white) would say the “N-word”. Jackson stated that if he couldn’t say it, it wasn’t an interesting enough topic to discuss. Waffle’s Movie Blog has decided to not remain neutral on this particular topic because of the negative backlash Django Unchained is receiving. Waffle’s Movie Blog supports the artistic integrity of Quentin Tarantino’s dialogue. Knowing Tarantino, each word is carefully chosen for the job it must perform. Waffle’s Movie Blog officially disagrees with Spike Lee and wishes to dissuade people from depriving themselves of the absolutely euphoric experience of witnessing the unadulterated perfection that is Django Unchained.

The award research team at Waffle’s Movie Blog does not expect Django Unchained to win the academy award for best picture. We actually don’t expect it to win many awards at all. The two awards that the Waffle’s Movie Blog award research team expects Django Unchained to have a chance in are Quentin Tarantino for best director, and Leonardo DiCaprio for best supporting actor. Besides those, our predictions aren’t high. But that doesn’t matter to us. We at Waffle’s Movie Blog have been fervently awaiting the release of Django Unchained since our creation last September, and it lived up to every possible expectation we could have had for it, and more. Quentin Tarantino is an incandescent genius. Our founder, president, and CEO Waffle Pancake was truly moved by the power and beauty of Django Unchained. After its initial screenings on Christmas day he had this to say, “Everything I could have wanted and more. I just can’t believe Quentin Tarantino can continue to create such masterpieces. He’s created this beauty out of violence. It’s a symphony of destruction and mayhem. It’s beauty from blood and virtue from violence. I’m astonished by how much I loved this movie. It’s absolutely incredible. It’s perfect. For me, it’s perfect.”

Camping Advice All Campers Should Know Before Heading Out

Nothing is quite like the experience of camping. Being in the great outdoors, communing with nature, and getting a bit of fresh air is both relaxing and refreshing. If the idea of going camping thrills you, here are a few helpful ideas to get you started in the right direction.

Anytime you buy a tent, be sure to practice setting it up and taking it down in your backyard prior to actually camping. Doing this will allow to know ahead of time that all parts you need are there, and it will also help you learn the proper setup of your tent ahead of time. This can eliminate the frustration of trying to set up your tent in a hurry.

TIP! Find your best place for camping shelter long before nightfall. Once it is dark in the woods, pitching a tent can be next to impossible, finding firewood can be difficult and preparing food hard.

A survival kit should be packed and carried on you everywhere you go. You should have a bandanna (to use as a sling or tourniquet), wound coverings, something to use for sprains, matches, a knife, tablets to purify water and a compass in your kit. These items are important to have in case you get lost. Always carry it on your person when you venture away from your campsite, or it won’t do you much good.

When it comes to children, don’t hesitate to over-pack. There is a lot of mess that goes along with camping. Kids are seriously attracted to the dirt. Your kids may become filthy as the day goes on. Know that you must accept that fact, but have a change of clothing for them so they can be comfortable. The key is being prepared.

Make sure that you know basic first aid before you go out on a camping trip. This way, should an accident occur, at least you are properly prepared until help arrives. You could also read about different first aid techniques online. Know about any poisonous snakes and spiders in the area, and learn what animals live there.

TIP! Remember, wet wood won’t burn right, so nature may not always provide the wood you need. It’s important that you bring extra wood with you that you can keep in a dry area.

If camping is new for you, start somewhere nearby. You could experience a number of problems, such as equipment failure, and wish to cut the trip short. Maybe you will find you have not brought enough food, clothing or other necessities. A lot of issues can happen to those camping the first time, so camp not too far away on your initial adventure.

Keep a close eye on your dog while you are camping and always keep him on a leash. There are campers who do not like dogs. Respecting others at the campsite is vital. Also, your pet could be destructive to other people’s belongings.

It’s critical that you take along the right things with you when you go camping. Overlooking even a small thing can ruin an entire trip. Make sure to write a list down and cross things off as they are packed. Some useful items are items to create a fire, your tent, tarp, a sleeping bag, water (and lots of it), soap, food that is already prepared, and a utility knife.

TIP! Keep in mind that you, your family, and everything you take with you is probably going to be dirty. As long as you are prepared for getting dirty, you will not feel so stressed out when it happens.

Pack extra flashlights and batteries when you are packing for your trip. There are times when it is important to be able to see clearly in the dark. You can use light to make sure you’re not going to fall over due to the terrain, or run into a wild animal. When camping with children, give each child a flashlight.

Sleeping Bag

Bring along a sleeping bag made for the current weather. If you are camping in a colder climate, purchase a heavyweight sleeping bag; people who camp in warm weather should use a lightweight sleeping bag. A good sleeping bag will cling to the human body and help it to retain as much body heat as possible.

TIP! Make sure to see what the weather forecast is for the town you are camping in. There are websites available to provide information about the typical weather of the area for the time of your planned trip.

Top 5 Luxury travel places in Canada

Luxury travel places in Canada

We may have forgotten something about a northern neighbour of the United States when we are discussing about luxurious travel places in Northern America. This country is filled with uncovered natural beauty of snow-capped peaks of world highest mountains to larger-than life waterfalls of Niagara. Canadians have put their rich cultural heritage and historical background on display for their visitors. Here are the top 5 luxury travel places in Canada.

1. Niagara Falls

No doubt every traveller will start telling about his Canadian tour of mystical beauty of Niagara Falls. This popular travel destination for millions of visitors each year bring worthy falls with Niagara River that is plummeting over 170-foot drop at 65 miles per hour. Niagara Falls is not only popular because of waterfalls but also for other attractions like casinos, wineries, museums and parks. The Niagara Fallsis the most powerful waterfalls in North America with more than 6 million cubic feet of water falling per minute over its brink. For vehicle licensing and car tax related information, DVLA contact number and inquiries are available to secure your travel when visiting Canada.

2. Vancouver

You and your kids may remember this place because Vancouver hosted the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Vancouver is a city of fun, sports and Vancouverites spend their whole day strolling through Stanley Park, Surfing at Wreck Beach and skiing on Grouse Mountain. Yale town, Granville Island, Stanley Park, Kitsilano Beach, University of British Columbia and Vancouver Aquarium Marine science centre are the top places to visit in this lovely city.

3. Banff National Park, Alberta 

The Bank National Park is one of the top luxurious travel places in Canada. This prized natural treasure attracts millions of visitors every year for relaxing, fishing, skiing, biking, hiking and camping. Lake Louise and Banff towns are situated near the Banff National park and provide a full range of shopping malls, hotels and restaurants. Chateau Lake Louise and Fairmont Banff Springs are the two popular hotels located in these towns.

4. CN Tower, Toronto 

CN Tower, standing at a height of 1,815 feet is the tallest standing structure in the world. The CN tower is located in Downtown Toronto and a place where tourists can get a bird’s eye view of Toronto City. The CN tower is a top attraction and tourists’ destination to get an elevated view from its 1,122 glass floored outdoor observation deck. It is suggested to make a reservation for the tower’s top floor restaurant instead of standing in waiting line. You may get Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) contact number or email to check your vehicle registration specification for visiting Canada.

5. Ottawa

The Canadian capital city is not as big as Montreal cultural heritage or Toronto, but it is the top choice of tourists who visit Montreal and Toronto. According to Lonely Planet Travel & Tourism, Ottawa is a city of clean, vibrant, young and bilingual people, long walks on the river and a family-oriented place in Canada. This city is full of cultural heritage, shopping malls, world leading hotels and restaurants and places for laid-back atmosphere. Ottawa is the desirable tourism destination and healthy tourism destination to show you dozens of museums and cultural sites.


Travel alone : go on and live your adventure

Shortly after my return from around the world , a French woman died in the Paris metro , killed .. The violence of his death is comparable to that experienced by Sarai Sierra Turkey murder. At the time this incident was so shocked me that the death of this American today than the French in India and the other in Argentina before. I feel sorry for their families.

But do not prevent us from living and traveling . Do not let anxiety media get a grip on our lives , our desires. These facts are unfortunate facts of news that it can get to the other side of the world and also at the corner of our street ! The real fact of being a woman exposes us to more risk than men and being a solo traveler will not expose us more . I’m pretty fatalistic in the wrong place at the wrong time can get me anywhere, anytime. Here and elsewhere.

Let’s be honest . Traveling is a passion. What solo traveler would put his life in danger? On the road we have a whole responsible attitude, confidence in us an instinct tenfold and are all aware of our ability to withstand such fact, such news. The danger is not just themselves, but others.

Solo travel : my recommendations

During my tour of the world, I never felt like putting my life in danger. It is obvious that we do not solo travel as a couple, a couple or family travel . It is obviously necessary to prevent hazards and here are some of my tips for living his journey alone as smoothly as possible:

Respect the traditions and wear proper outfits in all circumstances not to attract prying eyes , disturbing or  violence
Look like a tourist as possible and try to blend in
Forward with confidence and trust , do not let doubt invade
Never be alone in the street at night.
Always buy your own drink and watch your Glass
Pay attention to his speech with people we do not know : the locals as other travelers. Better to say the least as his instinct does not say ” okay you’re safe ”
Always register your presence in a country with the embassy or consulate of local France . A simple email with your address , passport number and dates only

Solo travel : go further on other blogs

The women traveling solo question - Almost Fearless Christine
Frederike , Journalist in Turkey – With your head up high
Stephanie Twentysomething Travel – Female solo travel is not the problem

Do not be afraid to travel alone girls. Trust yourself , go with confidence, do not take unnecessary risks , respect local traditions and live a UNIQUE adventure. Do not let others or timeliness guide your life .

Top 5 Nicaragua site to do not miss

Nicaragua was certainly one of my favorites during my trip to Central America. A great surprise because I knew nothing about this country before putting feet, except that it is the poorest country in Central America. So I went there, filled with prejudice. The advantage is that I could not but be favorably surprised by the friendliness of its people , their openness , their culture, their history, as impressive as diverse nature …

1 . Granada

A gentle introduction to Nicaragua. The town is architecturally stunning and has many cultural and tourist activities to offer from museums , Laguna de Apoyo , the Mumbacho Volcano, isletas … We can criticize the fact that half the city is overrun by expatriates and tourists . Nevertheless, this is the ideal place to understand Nicaragua and learn Spanish !

2 . The Solentiname Islands

A well-kept this archipelago of islands in Lake Nicaragua secret. Most are uninhabited , populated only animals these graceful white birds . The largest islands are a paradise for artists who create the greatest serenity . Willingly or unwillingly, you will spent several days in this natural haven for boats that connect the island to the mainland spend only twice a week .

3 . Little Corn Island

Focus on the Caribbean. To go to this island paradise you the fast way (1h30 flight from Managua + 30 minutes motorboat ) and slow way ( one good day of travel ) . The island is becoming more touristy so you have to hurry to discover before its beautiful white sand beaches are covered hotel and prefer the west side , more backpacker roots and the East. Level activities, you have the choice of snorkeling , swimming, sunbathing , tasting fish, improvised on the beach, meeting with travelers celebrations …

4 . Isla de Ometepe

A wonderful island topped by two volcanoes. I would have liked to spend two weeks to survey every corner . If swimming in the lake that surrounds it can be a bit adventurous as its big waves ( and freshwater sharks although it is not seen for several years), it is a superb option , an oasis middle of the island : Ojos de agua . A nice natural pool after a day walking in the nature, the rise of one of the two volcanoes, looking for petroglyphs, a horse …

5. El Castillo

Sensation around the world. You can find this car-free village without road through San Juan river, after a journey of two hours by boat from San Carlos . It is popular for strolling through the lively streets , eating prawns , make treks in the surrounding nature reserves , observe butterflies or pause to the more isolated town of San Juan del Norte (5 hours by boat)

The North Vietnam worth a long stay

Vietnam is a strip of land stretched all along the Indian Ocean. The landscapes are just as diverse as the ethnic groups that inhabit there. This trip for the northern Vietnam , particularly the mountainous northern regions, where the cultural richness of mountain minorities is surprising. In comparison, Hanoi seems buzzing and still become a cultural capital, but remains economically far southern cities . Finally , Halong Bay is a must , but unfortunately too touristy .

Arrival in Hanoi gives good tone of the country. Here everything is negotiable in sports haggling and I SENTS get more on the African continent in the quiet of Asia. Even ente them, the Vietnamese are very tough in business . This capital , despite the air of large village , is very busy and noisy even at peak hours . Here , scooters are redundant and masks the faces are commonplace. They invade the sidewalks already invested by small restaurants serving traditional soup or Pho . You have to get quiet in large parks or temples on the banks of lakes located in the heart of the old town. Nevertheless, the markets are very attractive for the inhabitants and traders know that the laughter of a departure from the busy tourist areas. This capital is changing and the horizon point of huge towers and shopping malls totally disproportionate in light of the traditional three-storey houses .


Hanoi cultural capital

Taking the old train dating back to the French colonization , it is possible to reach the northern mountains in a dozen hours . Check-in is at Lao Cai border town with China. After an hour of mountain road, we reached the beautiful valleys dominated by the small town of Sapa terraces. This village is a former hill station fitted to the colonial era where was built a sanatorium . Its heyday was in the 1930s but was completely bombed in March 1952. It is only since the early 90 ‘s that tourism has resumed. Travelers come to meet the many mountain minorities in the region as the black Hmong , the Red Dao , Tay ‘s … These are rice farmers terraces carved the landscape. Today they also live their crafts including confection with weaving and embroidery. The changes are very fast and make a Western society with all the culture going with . Tourists are still respectful of those designated by Vietnamese by the word ” Indian ” peoples. Tourism also promotes traditional crafts. However, in parallel Chinese textile flock to this growing city . Of mountain children are already visible with T -shirts and big sisters are parties to study in Hanoi.

Valley of Sapa


Bac Ha is a small, quiet mountain town that essentially runs on Sunday . This is probably one of the most beautiful market throughout the country. Highlanders down for the occasion . It is then a profusion of colors that come with the flower Hmong . The women of this minority wear long pleated skirts made ​​up with hundreds of colorful gallons. It’s a little race with very bright colors or even fluorescent colors! They also feature turquoise blue scarves, neon green or bright red . The market is divided into several areas. The cattle market where you can buy his buffalo to plow , horses , dogs or even volatile of all kinds. Further , we enter the area where the butchers paris going well. It is one that will come to cut a piece of meat in one stab ! Then stands textile display their colorful skirts that align many women. Fruits , vegetables and spices seem almost commonplace in this agitation. At the center of market focus of dozens of small sheltered under their blue tarps restaurants. This is where people come to eat Pho at unbeatable prices .

The colorful market of Bac Ha

Starting on the mountain roads towards the village of Cocle , it penetrates dan sun landscape of rice terraces and volcanoes. On small non carrosssables meetings are many paths because all is transported back to man or horse . Sotn valleys inhabited by the Hmong and Tay flowers that grow in their fields and extend relaxes . The tops of the beautiful little volcanic mounds still harbor some tropical high forest . Arriving at the market Cocle , a monumental dam construction home walker . The change is near and hundreds of hectares of rice fields will disappear under water. On the market, accessible by pyrogue , girls regain their beauty because it is the ocasion to find a husband to ” love market ” . Here we find an atmosphere close Bac Cha but in many different decor since the market is installed at a crossroads in the middle of nowhere.

Where to travel in 2013 : Top 5 tourist destinations of the year

Cuba, one of best choices

Top 5 tourist destinations in 2013  are selected by the Travel Blog and many vacation ideas where the news is hot in this year 2013. In these cities and regions of the world to visit, the year 2013 will be special . Birthday, sporting event , opening , opportunities are not lacking in the World in 2013 to fly to exotic destinations that will be on the front of the stage. This list of tips travel is not a ranking but includes our travel -related news for your next vacation ideas.

01. Corsica welcomes the Tour de France 2013

First Great ! For the first time in its history , the Tour de France go through Corsica. And yes, the two departments that make up the island were the only departments of metropolitan France, which had never hosted the Tour de France . In 2013 Corsica is honored because it is on the island and more specifically in Porto- Vecchio will take off the runners. The first step in linking Porto -Vecchio to Bastia. The Tour will remain on the island and then go through Calvi and Ajaccio before joining the mainland. This is an opportunity to admire the beautiful scenery of Corsica. Cradled by the French and Italian cultural influences , Corsica has its own identity. Corsica is a dream destination with the enchanting beauty .

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Tour de France , the movie hits theaters large loop . A film by Laurent Tuel – Produced by Souhami and Fidelity Films brothers – Expected Release : June 12, 2013 .

02. Marseille , European Capital of Culture in 2013

In 2013, Marseille is the European Capital of Culture . The Marseille are mobilizing to offer , throughout the year 2013, the best of their creativity, their skills and their dreams. The European Capital of Culture title is given to a city for a year to highlight the cultural activities of the city and the region.

Marseille , which is already a major tourist destination in Europe, offer throughout the year more than 400 cultural events and show any artistic expression of Europe and the Mediterranean . Program: Exhibitions, shows, concerts, artistic and gastronomic routes , parades , folk festivals … in short, culture in all its forms and for all audiences. 2013 is the perfect year to visit Marseille and the chance to discover the sunny region .

03. Amsterdam is the party in 2013 !

2013 is the year of anniversaries and celebrations in Amsterdam!
The canals of Amsterdam are 400 years old in 2013 ! They have also been listed as World Heritage by UNESCO in 2010. Many events and activities in and around the canals.
The Van Gogh Museum finally reopened in May 2013. It will celebrate its 40th anniversary!
The Rijksmuseum reopens after renovation 10 years April 13, 2013 . (Re ) discover the world-famous works of Dutch art in a completely renovated museum.
The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra , often considered one of the best orchestras in the world , will celebrate its 125 candles. A world tour is planned with 71 home dates .
It also celebrates the 175th anniversary of the Artis Zoo . Throughout the year 2013 , thousands of colorful flowers bloom throughout the park this zoo. Artis is also a popular park residents .

To all this , we can add hundreds of concerts, exhibitions and many street festivals . Year 2013 promises to be festive in Amsterdam. A trip to Amsterdam is the perfect opportunity to stay in a houseboat. During the winter it is even possible to skate on frozen canals !

04. Rio opens the Art in 2013

2013 is the perfect year to visit Rio de Janeiro before the hordes of travelers do not invade in 2014 for the FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games. In addition, in 2013 , cultural events will punctuated the year. Rio metamorphosis. The Cidade maravilhosa is fast becoming a global cultural scene of the first order. In January, Rio inaugurates the Cidade das Artes, or Cité des Arts, the new home of the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra .

On March 23 , it was the turn of the Casa Daros opened its doors . This space dedicated to Art is located in a neoclassical building dating from 1866. It will offer a new stage for the artistic expression of the city and the region. The month of March also marks the opening of the Museu de Arte do Rio Art Museum of Rio , on Praça Maua , a port area being reborn . This museum aims to promote cross- reading of the history of the city through its social fabric , its conflicts , its contradictions , challenges and expectations of its people.

After a museum, a shopping session you tried ? No problem ! Rio has just inaugurated the Village Mall, a luxurious shopping center in the district of Barra da Tijuca . Mall Shopping Village is home to many luxury shops . It includes for example Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Cartier. Prada and Miu Miu should open their shop in spring 2013.

05. Cuba

Cuba is the largest Caribbean island . Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea is a dream destination that has many treasures to discover: white sand beaches , clear sea , mountains and green valleys dotted with spectacular formations , ancient towns and architecture typical . There are also night clubs , bars to party all night. They drink mojitos and free Cuba to the sound of salsa . It obviously smoke the best cigars in the world. You can also rent a Cadillac 50s with driver.

There, a cigar in hand and radio plugged into a rumba , you will rendezvous with history. In 2013 many events punctuate the year:

Percussion Festival of Havana. From 12.12 to 19.12.2013
International Jazz Festival . From 01.07 to 15.08.2013 . The most important musical event of the year in The Hague .
Carnival Havana. Every weekend from 15.07 to 15.08.2013 . Program : float parades , shows comparsas ( Popular Cuban troops ) , dances, …

4 Tips for travelers to rent a scooter in Bali

Rent a scooter is eaasy and fun

You prepare your next trip to Bali? You hesitate to rent a scooter on the island? Here are 5 tips on driving two wheels that you used before your trip but once on site. This is probably the best way to enjoy the Island of the Gods

If you are reading this article is that you will probably go on holiday to Bali ! Go draw some info on narratives of our trip to Bali . We conducted a 6-week itinerary scooter in Bali , Lombok and the Gilis . You will find guides, photos and videos:

01 – The road safety

In Bali and Lombok , they drive on the left. Good to know ! This is destabilizing at first but you get used quickly .Wearing a helmet with strap permanently attached . Avoid driving at night for your safety and the lack of street lighting. In Bali, it is night to 18.

Be careful , you can be arrested at any time by the local police too often unfortunately corrupted. Avoid them up and ignore them if possible . At the traffic lights , avoid being in the first line ! They love to stop tourists on this occasion. Even if you have nothing to reproach you , they will always find something to say and the only way out is to reach a ticket. The villageaois can you avoid potential roadblocks and offer to cut through the field. This happened to our team on arrival at Mount Batur .

02 – The price of a scooter rental

Scooters for rent fool essentially 100 cm3 more than enough . FYI, two with two bags , we walked Bali and Lombok on one scooter! Nearly spots surfers , scooters are equipped with a rack on the side to carry his board !
The rental prices are modest and graded according to the duration but you can also rent a scooter for one day from any village.In July-August 2011 , the average rental price was between 25,000 and Rp 50,000 depending on the length . Remember that everything is negotiable in Bali !

03 – Road conditions

The roads are generally in good condition. Circulation in the south of the island is usually very dense. It is better to be accustomed to the scooter and in any case do not be afraid of traffic. It should just go with the flow of other scooters do not hesitate to borrow sidewalks or other aisles. Take extra care in large cities , particularly in the streets of Kuta which are often congested , and respect the rules of the road becomes secondary.Be careful with potholes everywhere. Last, the roads around Sidemen are in very poor condition.

04 – The paperwork before departure and on – site

Before you leave , get an international license from your prefecture .It will be required at time of rental . You must submit your national driving license and international license at the controls as well as your passport. Check the papers of course, but also the vehicle brakes, tires , light and most importantly the horn, necessary for safe passage . Also check the license plate . The expiration date is the assurance in the form 09-2012 to September 2012 , for example. This date must still be valid if at any check , they have to pay !

Be cautious, but everything is easy in Indonesia. We came to die in the middle of nowhere , space has assisted us only 5 minutes after we forced shutdown . In short, you will always find a villager who démènera to help. And this is an opportunity to meet the locals!In short, the scooter is the ideal means of locomotion that brings unequaled freedom of discovery.

Rental car in traveling: Tips, Tricks and Experiences

During a trip some drawbacks in our travels we sometimes encounter. Sometimes it is not so easy to radiate around the resort . Thousand times we prefer to use public transport on site – bus, subway, taxi – and mingle with the locals but some destinations may have a transport system almost non-existent or too dangerous. In this case, renting a car is the ideal solution. Then you can enjoy complete freedom , one can visit places off the beaten track and do not depend on time . In addition to the car rental rates , including at the international level are relatively small as long as you compare the offers of different car rental agencies .

Before renting a car, here are some things to consider:

If you are traveling abroad, the international license is required to be in compliance in many countries . You can get it easily . Simply apply to your Mayor or prefecture . This international permit is free and valid for 3 years .
Look at the detail of the offer commercial, especially insurance included. Feel free to compare prices between different rental agencies .
Learn about payment terms . Generally, an amount of money (deposit ) will be blocked on your credit card. At the end of the lease , you then unlock the sum ( less the amount of the rent) . We must plan and think to supply their account accordingly. If damage is found on the car, it is this deposit that the agency will use .
Do not forget to make a full statement of the place at the time of vehicle pick up. Take your time to seriously control the body , windshield , tires, etc. … FYI, we always take some pictures of the outside of the car to justify the prior presence of scratches and other bumps.

City Guide: Madrid Visit, the time of a weekend

Colorful and vibrant capital of Spain , Madrid is a charming city , competing with the major European capitals . Visit Madrid is the perfect time for a weekend or short stay. Long in the shadow of Barcelona , Madrid returns to the front of the stage . The city has been completely redesigned and the city center is adorned with many pedestrian streets . The atmosphere is amazing in Madrid. In the evening, everyone gives go places or in the streets of the city. Besides being lively and energetic, Madrid has many facets and there is something for everyone : food, architecture, culture, shopping, nightlife. It has spent a long weekend recently . It was 10 years since we had not set foot in Madrid. It was an opportunity to rediscover the city. We share with you our favorites and our best tips for visiting Madrid.

When to visit Madrid ?

We recommend you to visit Madrid in the spring or fall . Indeed, it is very cold in Madrid during the winter. Recall that Madrid is one of the highest European capitals ! Summer can be very hot. You must be able to withstand temperatures around 35 ° C.

How to move to Madrid ?

By Foot ! The preferred means of transport in Madrid.
If you stay away from the center or plan to travel frequently or outside the city, the Metrobus ticket is the best option . This post combines 10 trips for € 12.20 , which you can use to get around by subway and bus. In addition, it should be noted that the Madrid airport ( Aeropuerto de Barajas , 12 km north – east of the city ) is connected to the metro (line 8) network.
By train! Even if you do not take the train at Atocha station worth a visit. The main train station in Madrid is unique . It offers a beautiful tropical garden in the heart, in a large vaulted canopy. There is even a pond with fish and turtles. Dining is possible on site.Madrid is of course a big city but is home to many distinct neighborhoods like small villages.

Madrid quarters

El Centro ( center)

Madrid is full of history and things to see and do : Puerta del Sol, Plaza del Sol, Mercado de San Miguel , …
Malasaña neighborhood favorite among the young and trendy crowd in Madrid. There are many shops, craft shops and restaurants . The cobblestone streets , the walls adorned with graffiti and eclectic shops give a certain charm to this neighborhood.

Lavapies .

This is the neighborhood of immigrants and people of Madrid bohemia . In this area you can eat any sauce ;) All countries are represented. This is more in this neighborhood stands the famous flea market Sunday Rastro .
Chueca . Pretty quiet during the day , the Chueca comes alive in the evening and at night. The nightlife is the liveliest in the city. There are countless tapas bars, trendy restaurants and clubs.

Retiro is a nice area . In addition to museums and beautiful buildings lining the streets , it is mainly the Park of the same name that characterizes this area . It is pleasant to stroll on sunny days.

To see! To do !

Plaza Mayor

Located not far from the Puerta del Sol, in the heart of old Madrid , Plaza Mayor is a large rectangular room with typical Castilian architecture. The square is surrounded by majestic ocher buildings. This site is a must during a stay in Madrid.

The Palacio Real ( Royal Palace )

The Palacio Real ( Royal Palace ) of Madrid is the official residence of the King of Spain . But the King and Queen prefer to reside at the Zarzuela Palace , where they lived since their marriage in 1962. The Royal Palace is surrounded by several gardens :

The gardens of the Campo del Moro, located between the main building and the street of the Virgen del Puerto .
The Sabatini Gardens , much less extensive .

The Royal Palace is open to the public year round except during official functions . It is located on the Bailen street, west of the Centro . The nearest metro station is Opera .


Madrid is home to three museums : the Prado, Reina Sofia and Thyssen Bornemisza . In addition to the famous museums magnificent permanent collection , there are also many other museums , cultural centers and art galleries .

Reina Sofia

The Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid is our favorite museum. Obviously for the imposing and masterful Picasso’s Guernica and the large collection of works by Dali, but also for its architecture. Tips : do not hesitate to visit the top floor of the recently redesigned by Jean Nouvel building. You will enjoy a beautiful view over Madrid including the Atocha station in front of the museum.

Parks and Gardens


Retiro Park is the most popular park in Madrid. It hosts many Madrid at the weekend . The park comes alive around the musicians , painters, jugglers and fortune tellers . You can also take a tour of the boat on the lake with emerald green highlights .

Also in the Retiro Park and close to the lake , you can admire the Palacio de Cristal, a magnificent glass building . The palace , built in 1887 , was originally used as a greenhouse. It now houses temporary exhibitions. Do not miss .

Temple of Debod

Egypt in the heart of Madrid ! The Temple of Debod is an ancient Egyptian temple located near the Plaza de España. This temple , dating from the fourth century BC, was moved to Madrid in 1971 thanks to Spain for his help in the rescue of Abu Simbel. Originally the temple Debod was in the valley of the Nile , near Aswan . It is dedicated to the god Amon and Isis .

Where to eat ? Where to drink ?

Good food in Madrid ! During our stay in Madrid, we especially love feast in the city markets . We give you the addresses of our favorites a little lower . Nightlife side, you have the choice , Madrid , like Barcelona, ​​is very lively . And yes the Spanish love to party ! At nightfall , the streets are filled as sidewalk cafes . Residents often find themselves outside and go bar to bar still looking for a nice place to party . Head to the Chueca for a trendy atmosphere and to parts of the Latina or Malasana asked for a room . At the time , everything goes later in Spain . There lunch and dinner later in France .

The market San Miguel Market.

Tips : Located in the historic heart of the city , this market is one of our favorites . The place is beautiful . We go from stand to stand , trying various typical Spanish dishes.

El Tigre . Calle de las Infantas , 30 ( near the Place de la Chueca )

Madrid tapas bar

This bar is an institution, the obligatory passage during a visit to Madrid. It is enough to order a beer ( una cana ) and serves a full plate of tapas ( assorted tortillas, cakes , hams, … ) . This is the ideal place for free food and to meet people ! The bar is often crowded, so if you want to avoid the crowds go in the early evening .

Coffee Ginés, Pasadizo San Ginés (Near Plaza Mayor)

Humm you will enjoy here . This cafe is an institution for nearly 120 years. All celebrities World staying in Madrid passed through here . Chocolate and churros are prepared in the purest tradition. You must order and pay at the counter before selecting a table.

In conclusion,

This return to Madrid has delighted us. The charm of the Spanish capital operated . We still wait to return to sunny days to enjoy long sunny days and events that animate the city at this time of year .

Top 5 travel destinations in June

Between the exotic Brazil and Bali, the charms of Stockholm and Prague, or the Nature Beauty of Normandy, the choice will be difficult !

01. Rio de Janeiro / Brazil

TOP on this trip begins with Rio de Janeiro , Brazil ! It is precisely in June of last year we discovered Rio de Janeiro for the first time during our trip to Brazil . Although it is winter there, the temperatures are just perfect for visits ( between 20 ° and 25 °) and it almost never rains in this period. In addition , 2013 is the perfect year to visit Rio de Janeiro before the hordes of travelers do not invade in 2014 for the FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games. In addition, in 2013 , cultural events will punctuated the year. Rio metamorphosis. The Cidade maravilhosa is fast becoming a global cultural scene of the first order. In the meantime you fly to Rio de Janeiro , see our Web Series Rio Jeri tour in Brazil :

Flight time Paris – Rio : 11 hour

02. Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, capital of Sweden , is a must see in Scandinavian land, especially in terms of cultural and historical discovery. Called the Venice of the North , Stockholm consists of 14 islands and thousands of islands . Located about 800 km from the Arctic Circle , the day length is very variable depending on the season . It’s daylight for 18 hours during the summer solstice , while at the winter solstice the day only lasts 6 hours. So we advise you to visit Stockholm between April and October , especially in June to enjoy long sunny days. Visit our City Guide Stockholm to prepare your stay in the Swedish capital .

Flight time Paris – Stockholm : 2:30

03. Bali, Indonesia

If you want to go in Asia, there is in Indonesia where you are sure not to meet the monsoon and disadvantages. Bali is more than ever a dream destination . The proof will return : path of travel in 2013 ! The Island of the Gods is still dreaming travelers seeking exotic , luxury and spirituality. The island offers an extensive range of accommodation and reasonably priced . Imagine spending your holiday in a beautiful Balinese villa surrounded by lush tropical gardens or in a bungalow on the beach with the only noise the surf of the Indian Ocean crashing on the shore. A trip to Bali is also an opportunity to explore an island that contain many gems. One can climb a volcano, learn to surf , hike in the middle of rice fields, golf, rafting down the rapids … well we do not get bored in Bali !

Flight time Paris -Bali : 16 hour of flight with one stop

04. Prague , Czech Republic

Few cities are as beautiful as Prague, the city of a thousand spiers . Wander among the exciting architecture of the Old Town , listening to a symphony of the National Opera of Prague Rudolfinum , admire the astronomical clock … well, there is 1000 things to do in Prague !

The town is physically divided in two by the Vltava river. Charles Bridge which spans is also a symbol of the city. Originally Prague consisted of five independent towns : Hradcany ( Castle ) , Malá Strana , Stare Mesto (Old Town ) , Nove Mesto ( New Town ) , and Josefov ( the Jewish Quarter) . They are now the neighborhoods that make up the city of Prague. The weight of history is felt when walking down cobblestone streets . June is the perfect month for a trip to Prague. We take advantage of the long days and the first heat of summer without the tourist crowds of July and August. In addition to this time of year concerts and street festivals are multiplying.

Flight time Paris -Prague: 1:45

05. Normandy, France

If you have the chance to go on a trip in June, why not take the opportunity to (re) discover the Normandy ? In June , the days are long , the weather generally mild and the crowds of tourists has not yet arrived. Here are three ideas for outings in Normandy

Normandy, with its colors, the softness of the landscape , climate and the diversity of its heritage is a place of excellence for the art of gardening . Gardeners and painters fully express their talent in this region. So let ‘s try the magic gardens of Eure, in the west of Paris, the time for a weekend , for example.

Another option : Why not escape to the Val de Saire to discover the Saint -Vaast -la- Hougue ! Its picturesque harbor awaits you and the fort of La Hougue , true symbol of the city. We can go around the fort walk away admiring the island of St. Marcouf oyster beds anchored in the bay of ” Cul du Loup ” and Tatihou island that you can visit at high tide as low tide with an amphibious boat. The city and its region are to be found in our article Visit Saint -Vaast -la- Hougue and its surroundings.

Honfleur, the Normandy town to the picturesque harbor. Honfleur is the ideal starting point for many excursions to discover the treasures of Normandy Augeron the hinterland , the Côte Fleurie and resorts, but also the estuary of the Seine in the footsteps of the famous Impressionist Bridge Normandy. Honfleur reserves alone many attractions and original tours . To begin your tour , admire Honfleur from Mont -Joli . Then you will overlook the city. It explains everything in our article Visit Honfleur.

Top 5 travel destinations in April

If you go on vacation in April and are looking for a destination SUN short, medium or long haul, here are our five destinations that will give you ideas , hopefully , the desire to go out and discover new places! Each month, the Travel offers his Top 5 travel destinations of the moment. Between the exotic Japan, the extraordinary landscapes of Costa Rica, or the charm of cities like Montreal , Amsterdam and Lisbon, the choice will be difficult !
01. Japan

April is probably the best time of year to visit Japan . And yes, it is the arrival of the season of cherry blossoms , a spectacular show and the subject of many celebrations of Japanese culture . The clouds of pink flowers then embellish the temples and gardens.

Close friends to us just go to Japan this month . They will visit the Tokyo megalopolis and roam the Japanese countryside . On their return , they will share their stories of travel advice and tips for better travel in Japan. So stay tuned and subscribe to the newsletter for the latest news blog.

Between tradition and modernity , Japan offers visitors a unique experience punctuated discoveries , surprises and wonders . Accommodation is an adventure in itself . The travelers to Japan are sure to test the capsule hotels or ryokan , the traditional inns , where the rooms have sliding walls paper and Japanese futon . Another discovery during a trip to Japan : gastronomy . Japan is known worldwide for its dishes . In addition to the famous sushi , Japan has much to offer : noodles, puffer fish , pancakes ( okonomiyaki ) , grilled skewers ( yakitori ) . We always leave Japan with new favorite foods.

Flight time Paris -Tokyo : 12:00
02. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is among the countries that we dream of visiting . Registered in the first places of our To Do List for its tropical beaches, lush forests and its rich and diverse wildlife . Costa Rica appealed to all travelers. Surfer hikers , the diver to the adventurer , Costa Rica offers a great range of activities . One of the key activities in the country is the rise of the Arenal Volcano and the observation of its lava flows. Fans of coconut trees and beautiful beaches are sure to visit the Manuel Antonio Park . Located near Quepos , this park is one of the most visited countries in the richness of its fauna (corals , crustaceans, fish , birds , monkeys , iguanas ) and flora .

We share with you a video spotted on the web. Carried away by the magnificent landscapes of Costa Rica, Graham Cole has made this great video during his trip in the high country in color.

Flight time Madrid (no direct from Paris ) – San Jose ( Costa Rica): 10:30 pm
03. Montreal

Montreal picks the best places in the rankings of all travelers. Elected city where you feel the happiest or most fashionable city, Montreal attracts travelers from all countries. So if you do not already know Montreal , go in April! In addition , this month , the city opened its new Planetarium , Rio Tinto Alcan. From 6 April 2013, the new planetarium propose a novel approach to astronomy in a building with bold design. 2013 also marks the inauguration of the waxworks at the Eaton Centre . The museum also will open its doors in April. This will be the first version outside the Parisian temple of wax figures . Nothing to say, in April Montreal is the place to be !

Flight time Paris – Montreal : 7:30 pm

04. Amsterdam

2013 is the year of anniversaries and celebrations in Amsterdam! And more in April :

The Rijksmuseum reopens after renovation 10 years April 13, 2013 . (Re ) discover the world-famous works of Dutch art in a completely renovated museum. An excellent reason to choose Amsterdam as a travel destination in April .
The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra , often considered one of the best orchestras in the world , will celebrate its 125 candles in 2013. A world tour is planned with 71 home dates
It also celebrates the 175th anniversary of the Artis Zoo . Throughout the year 2013 , thousands of colorful flowers bloom throughout the park this zoo. Artis is also a popular park residents .
The canals of Amsterdam are 400 years old in 2013 ! They have also been listed as World Heritage by UNESCO in 2010. Many events and activities in and around the canals.
FYI, the Van Gogh Museum finally reopened in May 2013. It will celebrate its 40th anniversary!

To all this , we can add hundreds of concerts, exhibitions and many street festivals . 2013 is the Year festive Amsterdam. A trip to Amsterdam is the perfect opportunity to stay in a houseboat. In April, it will unfortunately be too late to skate on frozen canals of the city but it is the perfect season to enjoy the tulip fields in bloom throughout the Holland!

Flight time Paris -Amsterdam: Live 1:30 pm ( 3 hours by train Thalys )

05. Lisbon

Only 2 hours by plane from Paris , the Portuguese capital will seduce you. Lisbon is built on the hillside . Its streets are steep and winding . Tramway (do not miss the No. 28 tourist ) and walking are required. Historically rich , do not miss visiting the Sao Jorge Castle where you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the city , enjoy the viewpoints of Santa Luzia or that of Senhora do Monte , discover the Santa Maria Maior Lisbon Cathedral , the Monastery Sao Vicente de Fora Church da Graça . Some day visit unforgettable ! A must to do in the vicinity of Lisbon ‘s Belem district ( 30 minutes from the center ) with its famous tower (pictured below) .

Flight time Paris -Lisbon: 2:30 pm